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Half Price Wings
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Steak Sandwich
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Wing and Rib Combo
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Back Rib Day at St. Louis
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The Guide the Best Wings in Toronto

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Chicken wings are a staple in the diet of most people in Toronto. The simple combination of a fried chicken wingette or drumette, tossed in a spicy or sweet sauce, then dipped into a contrasting sauce before entering your mouth makes it one of the most delicious meals on earth. However, while the combination seems simple, not every pound of chicken wings are created equal. The key to finding Toronto's best wings involves looking at the handling, preparation and sauces used. Below, we will explore the best practices that deliver the best wings as well as look at the history of the chicken wing.
A Brief Chicken Wing History
Chicken wings are synonymous with bar food, appetizers and are commonly associated with watching sports. Their history is short though, dating back only to the mid-60s where they were first invented by a bar owner creating a quick snack for her son and his friends. Prior to the invention of the deep-fried wing, the wings of a chicken were normally discarded or kept in order to make stock. Over time, the method of cooking, flavouring and serving chicken wings has evolved and improved dramatically. Nowadays, the chicken wing is a delicious treat for all occasions.
Quality is Crucial
Quality is the first step to the best wings. Wings should be plump and meaty with a solid bone. The tips should be cut off, as they are not very appetizing because they contain practically no meat. When the wings do not have much meat on them, they should not be used. Some places serve the wingette and drummette connected, however for the best wings, having them separated is the ideal way. Next, the wings should be handled with care. Some places do not treat their wings with respect, and this ends up in wings that have broken bones inside creating an unpleasant eating experience. Instead, they should be handled with care throughout preparation.
Prepared with Care
Preparation is the next crucial step. While some places do offer baked wings, the best wings are always fried with a light coating. This creates a crispy exterior and traps the delicious juices inside. In addition, the best oil is peanut oil as it is great at high temperature frying and adds no flavour to the wings. The final step is the sauce, a crucial element. Nowadays, the best wings can be coated in a dry spice or in a sauce, either lightly sauced, saucy or very saucy. Some examples of dry spice and sauces include:
  • Cajun dry spice
  • Salt and Pepper dry spice
  • Mild sauce
  • Medium sauce
  • Hot sauce
  • Sweet Asian sauce
  • Hot Sweet Asian sauce
  • Hot and Honey sauce
  • Caribbean Jerk sauce
  • Honey BBQ sauce
  • Chilli Lime sauce
  • Buffalo Ranch sauce
  • Honey Garlic sauce
  • Garlic Parm sauce
For those who are feeling adventurous and can handle heat there are several extreme flavours like:
  • Hotter than Hell sauce
  • Suicide sauce
  • Smoked BBQ Heat sauce
The last thing to make the best wings in Toronto is a good dipping sauce. Some places offer blue cheese or ranch, but look for somewhere with a unique flavour they have perfected themselves. A great example of a new unique and perfect complement to the best wings is a Garlic Dill Sauce. With all of these steps considered and implemented, you can be sure you have found Toronto's best wings. The only thing left to do is enjoy.
*Some restrictions apply, see restaurants for details.
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